It's a brotherhood of men 

It's for men who are tired of sacrificing large parts of who they are in their pursuit to live up to the perceived expectations of family and society.

It's for men who know they have it in themselves to be so much more but are struggling to navigate what it means to be a man in the modern world.

It's for men doing well in some areas of life but feel deeply unsatisfied in other areas where they're playing small, playing safe and hiding from their true potential.

When you realise you're only living half of your potential and therefore only half of your life, the unfulfilled half of your potential will torment you. Carrying the burden of unfulfilled potential reduces you to a shadow of the man you deep inside know that you deserve to be. 

Many men build there identity only on what they do, not on who the are, because that what society tells us is the measurement of success for men. This one-dimensional identity can be fulfilling in a early phase of life but when you wake up to the hollowness and go searching to become whole you get confused because role models of whole  and inspirational men are few and far in between. 

Firebreather is about surrounding yourself with likeminded men who are tired of playing small and are ready to heal and awaken the courage to face life without the mask, in their creation of purpose, in their relationships and in their health.

In firebreather you'll learn new life skills, foster brotherhood, and be invited to have the conversations most men are too scared to explore.

Whether your biggest challenge right now is in your career, your relationship or your health the firebreather brotherhood is about developing an understanding of an empowering masculine identity and the tools to help you live it.

Firebreather is NOT a kumbaya community but a pragmatic brotherhood where we go deep into both our collective and individual challenges as men and start working them through with the goal of building becoming firebreathers. 

Learn about other men's experience of the journey to become firebreathers.
testimonial fredrik firebreather

"I feel much more confident, consistent and satisfied in both my personal (repeatedly confirmed by my spouse) and professional life. All of this also gave me new exciting personal work that I am looking forward to take on and then come back to work with Fredrik again."
Frantisek, Country Manager

The best part with being a Firebreather is that you'll join a group of men that, just like you, desired change and took action to create it. You will never again feel alone, through the bonds you form inside of Firebreather there will always be a man to talk to about your pain, about your struggles, your successes and your happiness.


It's confusing to be a man today because the male identity is challenged from all sides and the role models of real men are few and far in between. Media's portrayal of men tend to be binary - it's either the chauvinists or the snowflakes.

On one side we have the chauvunists that build their identity on money and power. Men that steamroll everyone around them to win in the game of the most possessions in the end wins.

But this comes at the cost of emotional power and presence in the now which leads to broken relationships - with their partner, their children and their friends.

They believe they are men by overplaying the stereotypical masculine characteristics, pushing away the feminine characteristics of intuition, emotion and spiritually and as a result these men life hollow lives filling the void inside by escaping with expensive toys, alcohol, drugs, or sex.

To add to the confusion they feel threatened by women displaying stereotypical masculine characteristics in the workplace and at home and these men's instinctive response is to diminish and control women to protect their fragile male identity. 

On the other side we have the snowflakes that have fully embraced the feminine characteristics and surrendered to what it means to be a man to the women of their lives. These men are steamrolled by masculine men and women alike as they avoid any conflict. 

By constantly compromising their own idea of a meaningful pursuit they get comfortable in the back seat of life which leads to bitterness over their unfulfilled ambitions, even resentment towards their woman.

They believe they are men by "being in touch with their feminine sides" but they are incapacitated around masculine men and women.

To further undermine their identity they experience how women overtake the traditionally male roles but, unlike the chauvinist men, the snowflakes lay down flat in surrender hoping everybody will be just fine someday, while secretly wishing they had the power to stand up for who they know they could be.

In between stands the masses of men, just like you, struggling to figure out how to live closer to your heart and have it all.

Men that can't relate to the stereotypes often feel lost in no-man's land, dream of a fuller life but too often resign to a one-dimensional unfulfilled life.

The challenge is how to raise above the stereotypes and the void in the middle and be a mature man that is powerful, yet emotionally connected and humble. That has the courage to let his light shine bright while embracing his shadow sides. That is collaborative and inclusive yet relentlessly pursues his own meaningful idea. And who's onward journey is fuelled by a resilient body and mind.  

The good things is that when you honor and embrace the full spectrum of who you are you can thrive in all areas of your life.


Gain clarity and confidence to start living life on your own terms.

One critical component to happiness is the progressive realisation of something that's meaningful to you.

Like many other men maybe you feel stuck in something that has no meaning to you, beyond a somewhat stable income, and you've lost touch with that fire in your soul a long time ago.

Yet, you know you have so much more to give if it wasn't for all the "must, should, and ought to" that somehow always push your own dreams down the priority list.

Aren't you tired of the excuses and the bullshit stories you're telling yourself?

The good thing is that you can create change and it's time to step up to that challenge now.


As a firebreather you have clarity, confidence and commitment to start living life on your own terms and a mental toolbox to course correct to stay on track.

Gain your power back by building a resilient body and mind.

The more successful you've become the more you've let go of your health. 10 years ago you could get away with a poor diet and too little movement but for every year that passes the harder your accumulated sins punish you. You know it. Even worse, you're starting to feel it.

Aren't you sick and tired of being sick and tired?

A firebreather honors the gift of life and respects his body by using it, fuelling it and taking care of it for a long life of power, vitality and resilience.

Body and mind are inseparable. If one is broken, the other will soon break as well. Let's make both unbreakable.


As a firebreather you have the physical and mental resiliency to embrace the adventure of life as it unfolds.

Liberate yourself and your partner from destructive patterns and rediscover vibrant love.

The primary component to happiness is strong relationships. Sadly, the further you go in your professional life the harder it seems to maintain and deepen the relationships that matters the most.

Do you miss the deep connection in your closest relationship?

Healing the relationship to your partner starts by healing your relationship to yourself.

Face your own insecurities and learn to give from your heart even in the middle of the raging storm.


As a firebreather you'll have liberated yourself from destructive patterns and see your partner with a love even more vibrant than the early years.