Kindling #11: [FOR MEN ONLY] This is why YOU feel stuck, unfulfilled, longing for something else…


Good morning, how are you?

So Sun, no what is it? Saturday? Yeah Saturday morning.

It’s around 6:45 and I found a tree stump to sit on to enjoy this beautiful view here, maybe you can hear the bird song in the background?

So this one is for the men only.

In the work I do talking to both the leaders in organisations but also the private conversations I have it’s becoming more clear to me why you are struggling.

So Dear Man,
I know that you’re busy trying to figure out the logistics of life, I know that you’re busy trying to make all the pieces of the puzzle fit, and then you’re probably also chasing success whatever way success has been defined by you and the environment that you live in.

But you don’t have enough time for yourself, and I know that you feel disconnected from who you truly are but you try to push away that feeling with some kind of superficial entertainment such as partying with your friends and maybe you have some pressure valve to release the pressure every now and then.

Maybe that’s alcohol, like it used to be for me, maybe something else like pornography, sex or heavier drugs? Whatever it is you use to take off that pressure when that feeling of restlessness becomes too strong, when that feeling of “what’s the point of it all” sneaks upon you, maybe there’s even a feeling of apathy?

And you can’t really figure out why because you are doing all the things you should be doing and also you’re successful by the typical definition of the Western world: You’re having a good job, you’re doing a career, you have a nice title, maybe you have a nice car you can drive in, so you’re doing pretty well, but as soon as there’s a quiet moment and you get a chance to connect with your heart you wonder “what the hell am I really doing here?”

You know what? The reason you are struggling, the reason you have these feelings, despite all the superficial success that you have, is that you are not on a mission!

I think for you to be happy you must have the courage to pursue your mission and that mission has to be for a cause greater than yourself. It doesn’t have to be grand, doesn’t have to be changing the world, but it must be a mission you are in service to others, and a mission that you’re willing to fight for, a mission where you can awaken the warrior inside you and figuratively go into battle, try to win the war of realising your meaningful idea, that mission that you know in your heart that you need to set out on, and it’s very important that this mission is for cause greater than yourself, just like the Warrior is serving a King, the Warrior prepares for the battle, honing his skills, but he goes out there to serve a higher purpose, and you must do the same.

A Warrior without the King is just a bandit causing havoc, he might be seen as brave and fearless but without the mission to serve he’s also empty so for you to be happy you need to have the courage to pursue your mission, a mission that’s greater than yourself.

And it will not only make yourself happy, it will make your relationship happy, because I bet you that you’re a woman in life wants to have a man on a mission, a man that believes strongly in something, a man that has a meaningful idea that he’s willing to pursue. Without that all the energy of a man is lost and it kind of fizzles out into useless things and some kind of fake idea of success. It is not the car or the title on your business card that’s gonna make you or your partner happy it’s you being in a mission feeling happy and fulfilled about something that you know you have to do.

But there many reasons that you don’t, and I know them all, and I know how hard it can be to set out that mission but like the warrior you must hone your skills and get out there, you must find your king, so your meaningful idea, and then pursue it.

If you want to talk more about this just reach out to me I’ll be happy to have a conversation with you in person or online.

Alright, I need to get back to enjoying my view.

Take care! Ciao!

Kindlings are my way of keeping myself accountable for breathing the fire that’s in my soul and I hope to inspire others to do the same in the process.

The word kindling means a small and dry, easily flammable material to help a fire get going. Once the kindling is burning, it can ignite the larger pieces of wood in your fire.

That’s is what aspire to do – Help you start your fire so you experience the warmth of your soul and feel inspired to keep feeding the fire that’s in your soul. 

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